Six Reasons Why You Should Try Camping During the Weekdays

26 Jul 23

Feeling the midweek slump as you get through the week, wishing the days would hurry up so the weekend will come sooner? You might look forward to weekends so you can go camping in the woods or by the lake and enjoy the peace and tranquillity nature can bring you. But did you know that you don’t have to wait for the weekend to go camping? In fact, you can do it on a Monday. or on a Thursday. Camping on a weeknight surprisingly has lots of great benefits compared to the busier camping nights of Friday and Saturday. Saturday and Sunday may be prime days for outdoor fun for obvious reasons but camping isn’t just for the weekends. The experience of camping is a little different between Monday to Friday.

Camping during the week can be a fun way to liven up the repetitive work week. It could freshen you up and help you get out of the sluggish funk you feel at work. Just experiencing one evening outside of your normal routine can make the rest of the work week more exciting. Plus, you can discover some perks that you might not usually get during weekends. Here are just some benefits of camping during weekdays:

Enjoy Attractions with Fewer People

Popular tourist attractions like national parks, scenic lookouts, lush forests, and beautiful waterways can fill up quickly during the weekend. There’s a likely chance that you will miss visiting those sites due to sold-out admissions. Visit off-peak days to ensure your freedom of movement in spectacular settings. Just think, you can take your cool photos in sites without having to wait for a throng of people to move out of your shot or you can freely go to the lake and have a lazy and tranquil boating activity or catch some fish in your Quintrex boat without bumping into other people’s boats.

Reserve a Desirable Campsite

Claim the spot you really want during your weekday camping trip. If you take a lot of camping trips before, you may have noticed that not all campsites are necessarily equal based on your wants and needs. Some have better views than others, some are close to amenities, while others are more secluded. Campsites that are booked up every weekend for months might be available during weekdays. So, if you’re planning to experience staying in a beachfront space with a beautiful ocean view or close to the breakfast area, weekdays are a great time to snag these amenities.  

Enjoy Different Types of Crowds

Depending on the time of the week, the demographics of campers change. Young families and college-age campers go outdoors during the weekend. They make the most of their time away from work and school by basking in nature’s serene atmosphere and reconnecting with each other around the campfire. When Sunday evening comes around, campgrounds tend to quiet down as older couples and grown families are more likely to spend vacation days camping during the week. Based on these statistics, camping on weekdays can be more chill and quieter since most adults keep to themselves and enjoy a peaceful time on their own. If you seek this type of atmosphere, you should definitely consider camping on weekdays.

No Wait Time

When campgrounds are busy it takes longer to use things; like the shower. But if you can swing a weekday trip you might not have to wait for anything at all. You can just rent a bike without having to beat someone to it or a kayak without having to wait for someone else to bring the equipment back. If you’re eating breakfast or lunch, you will be served right away.

More Availability for Caravan Campsites During the Week

Many camping families take trips over a weekend because the kids are out of school, parents don’t have to be at the office on Saturday or Sunday, and traffic through town might be lighter than during the business week. But because of that, the rental pool for various caravans and travel trailers is smaller on the weekend and there are fewer options to choose from. If you don’t have school-age children or you homeschool them—or you all decide to play hooky for a day or two—consider planning a short trip mid-week to enjoy more of the great outdoors with a Nova Caravan. During the week, you’re sure to find a greater selection of caravan campsites available.

Deal with Less Traffic

You can definitely go further in less traffic when you camp during the week. Hitting the road after work Friday night in commute traffic and then setting up camp in the dark is not a relaxing experience. In fact, it tends to have the opposite effect. But leisurely driving during daylight on a Tuesday, missing all the traffic, and enjoying the journey is another story. Add a few hundred miles to your trip and sightsee along the way when you have a full weekday to reach your campground.

If you’ve got flexibility in your schedule, then you can fit in camping during the weekday. These reasons might just be enough to use some of that vacation time off from work and give weeknight camping a try.

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